Private video or in-person consultation for spiritual, meditation, and mindful living

In addition to clinical counseling and mental health therapy services, I also offer private, personalized consultation services focused on spiritual grow, meditation, and mindfulness skills for those who seek to benefit from a more casual approach to personal growth that does not include insurance, diagnosis, or more formal interventions. 

These consultations are offered locally at my offices in Portland or online via Skype at a negotiable rate of $75 per hour.  

 My consultation service include support with: 

  • Finding deeper meaning and joy in your work, relationships, and daily life
  • Practicing mindfulness and effective communication skills
  • Changing habits and recurrent patterns
  • Exploring personal inquiry and spiritual development
  • Application of yogic philosphy, teaching, practice
  • Developing a personal meditation practice

Feel free to give me a call for a free consultation to see how we can support your spiritual and mindful living practice through consultation if a less formal approach to personal grow appeals to you.

My background in spirit, mindfulness, and meditation:

For more than two decades, I have been trained and led a wide variety of spiritual, mindfulness, and meditation practices in diverse settings including mental health clinics, retreats, homeless shelters, prisons, pre-schools, homes, churches, and numerous yoga studios located primarily in Washington and Oregon.  I promote a highly personalized approach to mindfulness, spirituality, and meditation skills and I am devoted to developing a unique approach for each individual based on their authentic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.  My guidance is rooted in the traditional wisdom of yoga, Buddhism, Christianity, Zen, the Tao, and mindfulness practices.  I also support new yoga teachers in creating asana sequences, class themes, and application of yogic principals into their daily lives.

My Yoga work with Marianne Wells:

In 2008 I completed my Yoga Alliance teacher training with the Marianne Wells Yoga School in  Costa Rica, which played a significant role in inspiring my current vocation as a counselor and desire to help people live more balanced, healthier lives.   I now work directly with Marianne as a training assistant twice a year in Costa Rica.  For more information about  yoga teacher training opportunities with Marianne,  please visit: